23 October 2008

8,16,32 GB Flash drives review

Due to I have bought some multimedia devices (1080i mkv usb player) and the files from my hard disk takes a lot of time copying and reading in usual flash drives. The HD files with huge Mbps from my Canon HV20 are actual problems I try to avoid. I have made a chart from multiples sources, reviews and prices because I have not found any benchmark of this kind. I have not included Buffalo neither Transcend due to I have not found any decent review or benchmark. Might be Buffalo has a chance, who knows. Well, take a look:

Take care that I have done from Internet sources, I am not responsible of the data showed before, It's only sharing information. Those are my conclusions:

16GB:After analyzing the scores (Read1+Read2+Write1+Write2)/Price, we take care that a 16 GB is the best one (Patriot 8GB can be the first one), and as you see it has a really interesting price. As you see the OCZ Rally2 16GB has the half speed on writing so there is no doubt.

32GB:About 32GB now OCZ wins, I am not sure why the writing speed vs the 16GB is so huge. Of course I haven't the flash drives to test them, but the technology could have changed. In case of doubt, followint this is Patriot again.

08GB:In the 8GB flash drives, I am sure that Patriot wins, then Corsair Survivor GT (may be the Voyager GT too), and after the Sandisk, which is not typical in this kind of charts. Well, I hope the analysis helps you because now I know that I have to buy the Patriot 16GB, because 8GB could be little today.

17 October 2008

Preparing a new article

After so much time, I have a new idea for an article that is not only visually great, it has extreme functionality. The idea is a new fresh styles and UI for making forums, because the typical style of the forums when they grow is unhandle, so my new article will be a silverlight developed forum in a new mind style.
I hope have time enough to give it form and publish it before the end of the year, I am not to telling you more details to do not have copiers. But be sure a great article is coming.

If you have not seen my articles, take a look here. Have a nice weekend

08 October 2008

Computer madness

As you know I do not usually add contents like the following, but this is so sci-fi:

The SDD is deprecated, yes it's true. The Blu-Ray, the CPUs, the GPU is deprecated and all the 1st level future is old-fashioned. Here I show you the last amazing science-fiction that you could never imagine. A PCI-Express SSD that reads a photoshop file of 750 MB in 26 seconds, and 256 videos playing on the screens as piece of cake.

Here is the sci-fi-pci-sdd. In a few years we will see a CPGPU of 300x300mm processor with 16 GB SSDRAM 500 GB SSDISK. That means all inside the processor.

18 September 2008

Proyecto interesante de aprendizaje por superación

Se trata de un proyecto, del estilo de fichas, pregunta con respuesta, he aprendido en un día (en unas horas) 85 símbolos kanji (impresionante, ¿verdad?), os recomiendo la visita:


22 July 2008

Webtablet specificacions

I think the best way to add components is inside a spreadsheet, here I show my idea:



Maybe you hate being printing pdfs, and webs to take a look them at night, or reading in your laptot, and seeing that a tablet pc costs more than $2500, today I have seen an interesting project: techcrunchit webtablet I have add some specifications:

harddisk OCZ Rally2 8GB USB or A-Data 4GB Compact Flash
motherboard MX800LX2D http://www.bcmcom.com/bcm_product_mx800lx2.htm
memory A-DATA 1GB 184-Pin
screen ?

the motherboard is the latest fanless I have find on the web, and it can be connected directly to 12V.

I think two possibilities,

1.- use a USB as a hardisk (I do not know if the bios can boot from USB)
with a wireless module on the CF module.
2.- use a USB wifi module with a CF hardisk.

Both kind of wifi modules has antenna conector, so is possible to extend the wifi range.

I think the biggest issue in this project is a cheap 800x600 or 1024x768 SVGA panel up to 100$ with A4 size, I have found this kits:


59$ the 12.1 model

15'': http://www.mouser.com/Search/ProductDetail.aspx?qs=3gJN1c9na9e4AD7syQ1Zww%3d%3d
with touch for 123$

SO IS POSSIBLE, if you know interesting info reply in the forum




06 June 2008

New style

Well this noon I was updating the blog and I saw there was a grey layer over the blog and it only appeared on the IE (as always), the issue is inside the script of analytics because when I remove it, all works, but I have to use it, so I decide trying changing the template, after hours I found this interesting one, so now I can continue programming. I have added a visit counter too, let's see how it works

40 pages of bitmap bgs

Hi everyone, I've seen new visits these days, might be people is looking for the videos I promised. I'm not having problems I do not have enough time. What I want first is to explain the whole NDS graphic system in a book, at the moment I have 40 pages only up to bitmap bgs and now I have to add the tiles maps and sprites. I think is really complete and very well presented. I have made devkitprojects for each example so understand me, it tooks time, but I think is necessary because I thinks there's a huge lack in this matter and old code. I'll try to put a video of the bitmap bg progress this weekend but I can't promise anything.

P.S. Hey I have just received the BIG BUCK BUNNY dvds, I really enjoyed that, indeed, there's a huge amount of information as a video with 4 rectangles (sketch, block rendering, blender viewport and final render), the blender files, the script, an excel with the script timetable and else. That's like having the Trinity helicopter mind tutorial, I lust for more info. I'm having faith to make a short render on the next year.

23 May 2008

Big Buck Bunny

Well and what's that? Well I am not used to post information of another matters, but this is special is an OPEN MOVIE, yes open source movie, well you have to pay for the DVDs with 720p and 1080p versions:
"You can help us to realize future projects by purchasing the DVD edition of the Peach project.
On the Big Buck Bunny DVD (two disks) you will find:- The movie in best DVD quality widescreen format (versions in both NTSC and PAL)- The HD version of the movie (.avi and/or .mov)- Commentary tracks by the creators- All .blend files, models, textures, and so on... the material used to create the movie.- The original script, breakdown, storyboards- Documentation and video tutorials by the team members about all technical aspects the movie; like how to re-use assets, animate characters, or add new shots."
but I found it really interesting, because it has a great quality at the trailer and in the movie frames. It has been made with blender which is improving a lot since last time I saw and practise, and taking a look at the blog you can see yesterday arrived the dvds for circulation. I have just bought a copy of the set here, maybe a bit expensive for the spanyards but well the money is not for a enormous company is for people with initiative, so here I put some of the images, I hope you help too. For further info, here

20 May 2008

Delay due to spyware

On Sunday I had one of the most complex spy or virus I ever had. I had the virtumonde.dll spy and Spybot, Adaware, Spyware terminator, didn't work, so I downloaded combofix.exe it turned my desktop to black and the icons have only the description, I don't see the image of them, ie doesn't work, I spent the afternoon trying to restore my machine but at the end I have decided to format, so I will try to make the videos on my laptop.

17 May 2008

Few videos "in progress" of BG library on weekend

Last night I was playing with the method to scroll strips of scanlines, at the end on the last version of dsmume it runs at 64 fps indeed, so I have decided to use as good enough method. It is a bit annoying that a interrupt can't assign a class' method, but I find a way to solve it elegantly.

I have define a bg class with the possibility of ten strips with y0,yf and own speed. This afternoon I will write code to be able to scroll not only horizontal but vertical, and for the bmp bg and tile bg you want to scroll, shake or wave. Then I'll put the example videos on the blog. A new "unof" new SMB is coming.

I have some few experiments with gravity and tile collision, the next steps after having an alpha release version are:

1.- Setting different "tile class" classes like: transparent, block, teletransport, jumper, ramp, ladder, and so on.
2.- Setting gravity and acceleration for the sprites.(I have tried 2 Newton laws with the jump and I'm delighted how it works :)).
3.- Placing animated tiles..

16 May 2008

Libro sobre programacion para la NDS

Ha sido una ardua tarea la de programar para la NDS, la verdad que la informacion existente esta, no solo mezclada con el antiguo codigo para GBA, sino que muchas veces se explica pero no hay ni un solo snippet, he estado realizando un libro que explica de cero utilizando la libnds, como poner 4 fondos (2 tiles, 2 bgs) como hacer efectos de scroll, shaking (agitar) y wave (ondear) la pantalla, como poner mapas grandes de tiles, como utilizar sprites y aplicar la gravedad. Faltan muchas cosas aun, pero estoy pensando en publicarlo como primera parte y despues uno mas avanzado con temas mas complejos.

NOTA: Por ahora es todo sobre el 2D, ya que quiero dominar tanto horizontal, como vertical y el isometrico. Mi primer gran proyecto sera horizontal, el segundo vertical (the gusto Tyrian?) y el mas fuerte y tercero sera isometrico (te gusto Diablo? :))

13 May 2008

First way to scroll scanlines

Yesterday, I was exhausted, but I found out a code that could be interesing, the matters was that it used PAlib, but I think it wasn't restrictive, so I tried. I explain it a bit.

"Way to scroll scanlines (strips) of a bitmap bg via registers"
link here

1.- REG_VCOUNT is a readable register, and tell us in which line, the NDS is painting
2.- If we activate the IRQ_HBLANK interruption and mix with REG_VCOUNT, when we modify the BG2_CX, only will scroll the actual REG_VCOUNT line, so we can make effects like shaking, wavy, scrolling, etc...
3.- It's necessary activate IRQ_VBLANK to make only 192 changes per frame (swiWaitForVBlank();)

NOTES: BG2_CX =_val<<8; means 1pixel scroll, <<4 1/2 pixel scroll, and so on.

Now I'm looking for the way to do with HDMA, because this way needs to use the CPU for itself 192 times per frame, so takes a lot of CPU. (I think that because dsmume puts 120 but other emulators tells more than 35 fps, so I'm not sure about consumption).

02 May 2008

NDS: Scrolling bitmap bg by software

I'm interesting on making a better scrolling of parts of a bitmap background, so I'm thinking of creating regions instead of width*y parts to be able to scroll them faster, if you have done some code to do this, choose to know if I'm in the good way

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Libero el visor de factura plus

Debido a mi actual trabajo, ya no voy a seguir desarrollando con el facturaplus, por lo que si veo que hay gente interesada, esta hecho en visual c# y la verdad funciona estupendamente aqui, y como es un programa bastante estandar (la base de datos es rígida), a mucha gente le puede ser interesante. De hecho la última version que hice permite recoger datos de diferentes años (carpetas) a la vez para ver asi los pendientes en diferentes años y se obtienen mucha mas informacion de manera rápida albaranes y sus facturas, viceversa, el estado de los mismos, cuantos dias se pasa de la fecha de pago.... Si estas interesado, elige una opcion:

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26 April 2008

NDS Programming - Get Ready

Good Night everyone, well I understand for a .net developer could think why can be interesting programming the nds, really? It's a great machine, you can develop using c++ like in the old days. Are you one of the guys (or woman) who played with the Spectrum, and are you one of who knows that games from de old ages were made by small teams, or one person with great ideas done them. Well I'm, one of them, I'm making with all the (lack) info a book with improvements, and making a libary for a easy use and a map editor in visual too. I'm making a library to make really similar games like New SMB and Zlda games, I don't know exactly the word but it's incredible that a machine like the NDS can understand me talking in C++, so why dont do it. At the moment the library can create easly horizontal levels with two animated layer maps (one tileset per layer) and with plus other bmp backgrounds, with differents scrollings. When I finished, take a look at the moment:

29 February 2008

NDS programming - VRAM and allocating

Hi everyone, a few days ago I realize up about the NDS programming, I'm trying to put the things in order to understand as I want the architecture of the NDS, so my firsts questions are:

1.- Is the code in the diagram correct?

I mean:

  • VRAM_A -> BG3 (main) so 0x06000000 goes to BG3
  • VRAM_B -> BG2 (main)
  • VRAM_C -> BG3 (sub)