23 October 2008

8,16,32 GB Flash drives review

Due to I have bought some multimedia devices (1080i mkv usb player) and the files from my hard disk takes a lot of time copying and reading in usual flash drives. The HD files with huge Mbps from my Canon HV20 are actual problems I try to avoid. I have made a chart from multiples sources, reviews and prices because I have not found any benchmark of this kind. I have not included Buffalo neither Transcend due to I have not found any decent review or benchmark. Might be Buffalo has a chance, who knows. Well, take a look:

Take care that I have done from Internet sources, I am not responsible of the data showed before, It's only sharing information. Those are my conclusions:

16GB:After analyzing the scores (Read1+Read2+Write1+Write2)/Price, we take care that a 16 GB is the best one (Patriot 8GB can be the first one), and as you see it has a really interesting price. As you see the OCZ Rally2 16GB has the half speed on writing so there is no doubt.

32GB:About 32GB now OCZ wins, I am not sure why the writing speed vs the 16GB is so huge. Of course I haven't the flash drives to test them, but the technology could have changed. In case of doubt, followint this is Patriot again.

08GB:In the 8GB flash drives, I am sure that Patriot wins, then Corsair Survivor GT (may be the Voyager GT too), and after the Sandisk, which is not typical in this kind of charts. Well, I hope the analysis helps you because now I know that I have to buy the Patriot 16GB, because 8GB could be little today.

17 October 2008

Preparing a new article

After so much time, I have a new idea for an article that is not only visually great, it has extreme functionality. The idea is a new fresh styles and UI for making forums, because the typical style of the forums when they grow is unhandle, so my new article will be a silverlight developed forum in a new mind style.
I hope have time enough to give it form and publish it before the end of the year, I am not to telling you more details to do not have copiers. But be sure a great article is coming.

If you have not seen my articles, take a look here. Have a nice weekend

08 October 2008

Computer madness

As you know I do not usually add contents like the following, but this is so sci-fi:

The SDD is deprecated, yes it's true. The Blu-Ray, the CPUs, the GPU is deprecated and all the 1st level future is old-fashioned. Here I show you the last amazing science-fiction that you could never imagine. A PCI-Express SSD that reads a photoshop file of 750 MB in 26 seconds, and 256 videos playing on the screens as piece of cake.

Here is the sci-fi-pci-sdd. In a few years we will see a CPGPU of 300x300mm processor with 16 GB SSDRAM 500 GB SSDISK. That means all inside the processor.