06 June 2008

New style

Well this noon I was updating the blog and I saw there was a grey layer over the blog and it only appeared on the IE (as always), the issue is inside the script of analytics because when I remove it, all works, but I have to use it, so I decide trying changing the template, after hours I found this interesting one, so now I can continue programming. I have added a visit counter too, let's see how it works

40 pages of bitmap bgs

Hi everyone, I've seen new visits these days, might be people is looking for the videos I promised. I'm not having problems I do not have enough time. What I want first is to explain the whole NDS graphic system in a book, at the moment I have 40 pages only up to bitmap bgs and now I have to add the tiles maps and sprites. I think is really complete and very well presented. I have made devkitprojects for each example so understand me, it tooks time, but I think is necessary because I thinks there's a huge lack in this matter and old code. I'll try to put a video of the bitmap bg progress this weekend but I can't promise anything.

P.S. Hey I have just received the BIG BUCK BUNNY dvds, I really enjoyed that, indeed, there's a huge amount of information as a video with 4 rectangles (sketch, block rendering, blender viewport and final render), the blender files, the script, an excel with the script timetable and else. That's like having the Trinity helicopter mind tutorial, I lust for more info. I'm having faith to make a short render on the next year.