31 January 2010

Context Menu - Send to... Boss

Suppose you have to send many times to your account or to your boss attachments from your computer. Well, if you have MS Outlook 2007 there's a way adding in two big steps, creating a new form in Outlook and the second creating a shortcut in the sendto folder, so let's go

A.- Creating the new form (template) from a standard message form:

1.- Have installed Outlook 2007
2.- Open it.
3.- Tools -> Forms -> Design Form
4.- Choose Message from the List
5.- Click on the To Text Box
6.- Click on the Properties icon
7.- Choose the 'Value'
8.- Set Initial value checked
9.- Set a value between ""
10.- Check automatic... to check it works
11.- Publish -> Publish Form As
12.- In Look In: Choose "Personal Forms Library"
13.- Display Name "Boss"
14.- Now Click Publish
15.- Close and save the changes

B.- Creating a new shortcut:
1.- Run: "shell:sendto"
2.- Copy the shortcut of Outlook to send to
3.- Right click - properties
4.- in Start in, after the last " add :  /c IPM.note.Boss /a "%1"  where Boss is the name of the form
5.- Click ok and rename the shortcut to  Boss and that's done.

I will add some screenshots to have a better idea.