29 October 2007

Visor de riesgo para Facturaplus

Buenas tardes, hoy toca en español, ya que el artículo va sobre facturaplus, tengo el 50% del trabajo listo, es lo que llamo visor de facturaplus, que permite ver en tiempo real (desarrollado en .net 2.0):

1.- Pendiente de Facturas, albaranes por cliente,vendedor.
2.- Ver estado de documentos sin importar la serie, filtrando por número.
3.- Buscar las facturas por importe.
4.- Permite tener de golpe para analizar, todos los clientes de un vendedor.

En la segunda parte es donde se incluyen los informes Crystal Reports:
1.- Pendiente de cobros por vendedor
2.- Ventas por año (comparativo)
3.- Comisiones (detalle de facturas)
4.- Histórico de artículos por cliente y vendedor

25 October 2007

AI has simmetry?

Hi everyone, Today I was playing with an article of Sacha Barber about "Sheeps and Wolves" or "Missioners and Cannibals" here and well might be coincidence might not, but graphically the algoritm makes me the next matrix:

Does anyone know why is simmetrical? I take the steps from the Barber's article and well it's a curious picture.

18 October 2007

Spry - Customize the MenuBar

After being dissappear for few months (making my commercial web, commercial apps...) being designing I have seen that in the Dreamweaver CS3 there's a interesting AJAX framework called SPRY, so here I saw an example and how to customize with images it:


How to:
1.- First of all add a MenuBar from the Insert toolbox-Spry

2.- After you add the MenuBar in the webpage, I remove the text and assign for each link a custom id:

3.- And now in a css file (linked to this), I customize simply to this:

Might be for dummies, but sometimes trying things we do it by the complex way.