17 May 2008

Few videos "in progress" of BG library on weekend

Last night I was playing with the method to scroll strips of scanlines, at the end on the last version of dsmume it runs at 64 fps indeed, so I have decided to use as good enough method. It is a bit annoying that a interrupt can't assign a class' method, but I find a way to solve it elegantly.

I have define a bg class with the possibility of ten strips with y0,yf and own speed. This afternoon I will write code to be able to scroll not only horizontal but vertical, and for the bmp bg and tile bg you want to scroll, shake or wave. Then I'll put the example videos on the blog. A new "unof" new SMB is coming.

I have some few experiments with gravity and tile collision, the next steps after having an alpha release version are:

1.- Setting different "tile class" classes like: transparent, block, teletransport, jumper, ramp, ladder, and so on.
2.- Setting gravity and acceleration for the sprites.(I have tried 2 Newton laws with the jump and I'm delighted how it works :)).
3.- Placing animated tiles..

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