23 May 2008

Big Buck Bunny

Well and what's that? Well I am not used to post information of another matters, but this is special is an OPEN MOVIE, yes open source movie, well you have to pay for the DVDs with 720p and 1080p versions:
"You can help us to realize future projects by purchasing the DVD edition of the Peach project.
On the Big Buck Bunny DVD (two disks) you will find:- The movie in best DVD quality widescreen format (versions in both NTSC and PAL)- The HD version of the movie (.avi and/or .mov)- Commentary tracks by the creators- All .blend files, models, textures, and so on... the material used to create the movie.- The original script, breakdown, storyboards- Documentation and video tutorials by the team members about all technical aspects the movie; like how to re-use assets, animate characters, or add new shots."
but I found it really interesting, because it has a great quality at the trailer and in the movie frames. It has been made with blender which is improving a lot since last time I saw and practise, and taking a look at the blog you can see yesterday arrived the dvds for circulation. I have just bought a copy of the set here, maybe a bit expensive for the spanyards but well the money is not for a enormous company is for people with initiative, so here I put some of the images, I hope you help too. For further info, here


Federico said...


I'm suscribed to the Blender Nation RSS feed and at first I thought this came from BN... But after a second look, it surprised me that "Overrider" posted an article about BBB.

Great to know this is really reaching people around the globe and generating a lot of interest!

I really hope you enjoy your purchase (watching the movie in more-than-decent quality without having to render it all for isntance...) and learn a lot about the overhauled Blender 2.46 (let me tell you, it's fantastic)!

Juanpa said...

Yeah, After seeing what can do the 2.46 version. When I finished my two NDS projects (might be ending this year), I'll take out the dust of my WACOM and I'll thinking to make a shot film with BLENDER. I want to find a gallery with the best radiosity and render to know how much good is.

Federico said...

You can always check the galleries at blender.org, I've read that some of it has been updated with more recent stuff.

Good luck with the NDS projects!