26 April 2008

NDS Programming - Get Ready

Good Night everyone, well I understand for a .net developer could think why can be interesting programming the nds, really? It's a great machine, you can develop using c++ like in the old days. Are you one of the guys (or woman) who played with the Spectrum, and are you one of who knows that games from de old ages were made by small teams, or one person with great ideas done them. Well I'm, one of them, I'm making with all the (lack) info a book with improvements, and making a libary for a easy use and a map editor in visual too. I'm making a library to make really similar games like New SMB and Zlda games, I don't know exactly the word but it's incredible that a machine like the NDS can understand me talking in C++, so why dont do it. At the moment the library can create easly horizontal levels with two animated layer maps (one tileset per layer) and with plus other bmp backgrounds, with differents scrollings. When I finished, take a look at the moment:

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Anonymous said...

nice work!
when is the source ready? i would like to hava a look.