29 February 2008

NDS programming - VRAM and allocating

Hi everyone, a few days ago I realize up about the NDS programming, I'm trying to put the things in order to understand as I want the architecture of the NDS, so my firsts questions are:

1.- Is the code in the diagram correct?

I mean:

  • VRAM_A -> BG3 (main) so 0x06000000 goes to BG3
  • VRAM_B -> BG2 (main)
  • VRAM_C -> BG3 (sub)


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mahmoudiyan said...

I see ur great ribbon in codeproject.
I have a question ( and I couldn't post there)
when I set the ribbon or form (right to left ) every thing is good but groups in tabs are still left to right
what should I do ?
plz tell me ( darvish_boy@yahoo.com)

Anonymous said...

In your pic there, it says MODE_5_2D | DISPLAY_BG2_ACTIVE | DISPLAY_BG2_ACTIVE

DISPLAY_BG2_ACTIVE is bitwise or'ed twice. I think you meant:

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