19 May 2007

The RibbonRoundButton

Good Night, I have finished now the RibbonRoundButton, this is like the WM player, Of2007 and VSTA round buttons, and includes fading between colors. I designed with .net 2.0, I think it's a eye candy and it works fine.

I'll publish it in codeproject with the RibbonForm and the Updated RibbonMenuButton with the InfoForm and ContextMenuStrip.

It was difficult to add a shadow under the circle region but at the end I think it finished well.

Another matters with that is the stranges halos that has inside and over, in a few days you will have all the code.


Tom said...


Paolo said...

Great! We'll wait you on codeproject ;)

Anonymous said...

Excellent Juan,

hope to see the code on CodeProject soon!

Gary said...

Where is the code? Please send to gwnoble@msn.com, your work is very much appreciated.