28 May 2007

Preparing RibbonFastMenu

Good Afternoon everyone

I'm preparing the RibbonFastMenu, with
and RibbonContextMenu,
as you can see in the image, I also included the Transparent Region to place the RibbonForm in the correct place. The constructor will have the
location to place it well.

When you click on the Arrow Region of a button with SplitRegion, you open the RibbonContextMenu (second image). I solved some matters with the round corners and the shadow which was difficult because I haven't found any help about this matter in the Internet but at the end I get it.

Now I have to finish the correct width of the painting of the
, and the Gradients of the RibbonFastMenu.
After that I'll mix with the RibbonForm.
Another thing I have add to the
is the Keep Pressed option, that makes the chance to keep it pressed and send to the Parent Control (Container) to the other RibbonMenuButtons to left this Status. (It will be great to simulate tabcontrols with RibbonMenuButtons or any multichoice selection.


Fran├žois DEJAEGHERE said...

Great job man ! I visit our blog at every update . and never get dissapointed !! You're making a great job, keep on !

(can't wait to see it in action)


Maksim said...

Fran├žois, agree 100! :)