11 May 2007

About RibbonMenuButton

First of all, I have decided to put all my ControlLibrary free for everybody and Thanks for all the opinions.

Due to my ControlLibrary is getting huge, I thought explain it as I finished the parts, and then publish it as article in codeproject. Here is a screenshot of the RibbonMenuButtonControlTest.

The interesting properties I created are:
  • Arrow: ToRight or ToDown.
  • ColorBase,ColorOn,ColorPress (not more back images, more customizable).
  • GroupPos: Left,Center,Right,Top,Bottom.
  • ImageLocation : L,R,C,T,B.
  • ImageOffset (Autoscales).
  • Radius (of corners button).
  • ShowBase: to show base or not.
  • SplitButton: to convert in multiple click event.
  • Split Distance : to set the size of the contextmenu button part.
  • FadingSpeed: how fast is the transtition from base to oncolor and back.

I have to add the final touches and if you want to add another functionality, tell me, I'll be grateful to know your opinion and I'll try to add it.

If you want to learn with this controls, I recommend you to take a look to:

  • this.Region: thats a good way to avoid matters of transparency.
  • LinearGradient with multiple colors, that makes easy the gradients.
  • MeasureString : thats a good method to position the text (Beacuse you have to take away the base.OnPaint -> you have to do ALL, including write the text).
  • Transform Colors Method including Alpha opacity.
  • The DrawArc Method: As you can see with the radius you can make smooth corners
  • OnMouseUp: Here you can see what happens when the is SplitButton is activated.

Tomorrow or next, you will see the fantastic RibbonRoundButton. (Another thing, I'm Spanish and I want to improve my English. Could you tell me my faults in the articles? Thank's)


aNTRaX said...

Gran trabajo, ánimo y aquí nos tienes para lo que necesites.

Maksim said...

Juan Pablo, I'm very appreciate the work you did while creating Ribbon Panel! Thank's you a lot! I hope that next version will be greatest free controls library. Wish you good luck! :)

Lex Mark said...

I saw a description in the solution file that all code is under GPL. As a result, this library can only be used in GPL projects, isn't it?

Pity that I cannot use it in my current projects.

Will there be a non GPL version?

Juanpa said...

I have decided to put them free, so you can use freely without problems

Anonymous said...

Very nice

Manfred said...

very nice control. I have a question related to what lex mark said.
Can I use this control in a commercial project? If yes do I have to put some note somewhere?