03 June 2007

New article and updates

Good Night everyone, people sometimes makes more pressure than the boss :). I have just published the new article RibbonForm, RibbonRoundButton and RibbonFastMenu.

I have updated the RibbonMenuButton with Solved Repaint ChangingSize, solved excesive CPU consuming. Added KeepPress and IsPress functionaliy, I hope CodeProject post it on Monday.

Thank you very much for the votings and comments . Now I have to rest a bit.


Mr.X said...

I was waiting for this. Just awesome article and programming. Last month i am looking around for ribbon solution and i can say this look so professional. Great work man!!!.

Mark Monster said...

Very nice. I hope to find some time to use it. Looks nice, and will be nice I guess.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I meet a rendering problem of your TabStrip controls. I think it's very strange. just open a project and drop a TabStrip on it, add some tabs. It works fine unitl you minimize the form and maximize it again! You will see the TabStrip redraw itself very slowly. It showed a huge blank hole and fill colors into it.
(If your pc is very fast, you could not feel this.)
Could you help me to point out how to fix it?