15 June 2007

The GridView (WPF)

Today I was in the Step 3 of codeproject to upload my new article about GridView and when I click on Next it crush :(. All my translated article to the net bin. So tonight I will upload it again, (I'll copy the html), for the spanish readers here is the .pdf file of my article send me an email to receive a .pdf version

This is the first chapter of two, it contains:

  • Creating a GridView
  • Binding XML .net 2.0
  • Binding XML with XAML only (static)
  • Binding XML with XAML and C# (dynamic)
  • Binding SQL Server Data.
  • Binding Access Data.
  • Binding MySQL Data.
  • Customize Header.
  • Customize Background.
  • Customize Rows.

In the next chapter I will add binding array, editing cells, grouping and more customization.


Sunil said...

i am new to XAML.......

i was going through your article in code project "Binding data from database to GridView". it was really great.

I have a different situation, i need to bind the columns of the grid to the textboxes........ i mean whichever row i select that data is to be populated in the bottom corresponding text boxes

please help me to achieve this.

you can mail me (sunilkumar.s@sonata-software.com)

Anonymous said...

I would like to know how to edit a column in grid on clicking particular column

vishnu said...


I want to have a combobox in my grid view column header and bind combobox itemsource to a dependency proprty of the same gridviewcolumn..

How do i go for that.

i have developed a header template in which i placed a combobox , but am not able to bind the data to the combobox

please reply to my mail id

Thanks ,